May 18, 2024
Brain Health

New Study Reveals Role of Muscle Nerves in Boosting Brain Health: A Game Changer for Older Adults and Neuromuscular Patients

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has shed new light on the intricate relationship between muscle and brain health. The research team, led by chemical and biomolecular engineering professor Hyunjoon Kong, discovered that the nerves responsible for signaling muscles to move also play a crucial role in releasing brain-boosting factors.

The muscle-released factors make their way into the bloodstream and eventually reach the brain, facilitating a communication pathway between muscle and brain, often referred to as “crosstalk.” However, the muscle itself is highly innervated, leading researchers to question the impact of neurons on this muscle-brain interaction.

“As we age, we lose neurons in the muscle. Some people also lose these neurons due to disease or injury. Understanding the role of these nerves in the muscle and their impact on brain health is essential for older adults and patients with neuromuscular injuries and diseases,” explained Professor Kong.

The study’s findings could potentially pave the way for new therapeutic approaches to improve brain health in older adults and individuals with neuromuscular conditions. The researchers are currently exploring the potential of using electrical stimulation to mimic the nerve signals and release the brain-boosting factors from the muscle.

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