April 20, 2024

Propelled by Dietary Supplements, The global Phenylketonuria Treatment Market To Witness Robust Growth

Phenylketonuria, also known as PKU, is an inherited disorder characterized by a deficiency of the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase that converts the essential amino acid phenylalanine into tyrosine. If left untreated, phenylalanine is built up in the blood which can lead to intellectual disabilities, seizures, behavioral problems and other health issues. Dietary supplements, medical foods and drugs help control phenylalanine levels and allow for normal growth and development. The global Phenylketonuria Treatment Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 1 Bn in 2023 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 8.6% over the forecast period 2023 to 2030, as highlighted in a new report published by Coherent Market Insights.

Market key trends:

The rising acceptance of dietary supplements is expected to aid the growth of the phenylketonuria treatment market over the forecast period. Patients suffering from PKU require dietary supplements to maintain optimal phenylalanine levels. Leading players are focusing on developing zero-phenylalanine and low-phenylalanine dietary supplements and medical foods to help PKU patients better manage their disorder. For instance, Vitaflo International Ltd offers a wide range of phenylalanine-free medical foods and supplements such as bars, soups and shakes that provide complete nutrition. This ensures compliance to the restrictive low-phenylalanine diet and treatment of PKU.

SWOT Analysis

Strength: The phenylketonuria treatment market is driven by the rising prevalence of phenylketonuria. The continuous research and development by the key players to develop advanced treatment options is also a major strength.

Weakness: High cost of treatment and diagnosis of phenylketonuria poses a major challenge in the growth of this market. Lack of awareness about phenylketonuria in some regions is another weakness.

Opportunity: Untapped developing markets offer lucrative growth opportunities. Collaborations between researchers and companies provide opportunities to develop novel treatment options.

Threats: Stringent regulations for approval of new drugs is a threat. Difficulty in adherence to lifelong treatment is also a threat.

Key Takeaways

The global phenylketonuria treatment market is expected to witness high growth. The market size is projected to reach US$ 1.8 Billion by 2030 from US$ 1 Billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 8.6% during the forecast period.

North America is expected to dominate the phenylketonuria treatment market during the forecast period. The high prevalence of phenylketonuria and advanced healthcare infrastructure are major factors contributing to the large share of North America.

Key players operating in the phenylketonuria treatment market are BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc., Censa Pharmaceutical, Synlogic Inc., Erytech Pharma SA, Codexis Inc., SOM Innovation Biotech SL, Homology Medicines Inc., and Ultragenyx (Dimension Therapeutics). These key players are focusing on expanding their product portfolios by developing advanced treatment options.


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