July 18, 2024

Sevunscope Revolutionizes Telescopes with Swappable Lens System

A new Kickstarter campaign is aiming to bring DSLR-like upgradability to consumer telescopes with the innovative Sevunscope. Designed by French astronomy enthusiasts Paul Gheno and Damien Roy, this Newtonian telescope incorporates two mirrors – a primary mirror collects light from the target area of the night sky, while a secondary mirror redirects that light at a right angle for viewing through a side-mounted eyepiece.

Traditionally, amateur astronomers start with a fixed optical configuration and gradually upgrade to more expensive telescopes with different configurations as their interest in the hobby grows. However, this approach can be costly, and multiple telescopes may be necessary for viewing different celestial bodies.

The Sevunscope aims to address these challenges by offering a design that allows users to swap between three optical modules mounted on a single telescope. Each module includes a primary mirror with a size option of 6-inch, 8-inch, or 10-inch, along with a corresponding secondary mirror.

Moreover, users can mix and match primary and secondary mirrors from different modules. To prevent ambient light from interfering between the two mirrors, a black fabric tubular skirt is utilized. The telescope also offers flexibility in terms of mounting options, with the eyepiece and a camera able to be mounted on either side. When it comes to photography, the secondary mirror can be flipped at a 90-degree angle to redirect light for capturing images.

The Sevunscope comes with a 2-axis altazimuth mount, although compatibility with other mount types is currently being developed. It is a relatively lightweight device, weighing between 11 and 17 kg (24.25 to 37.5 lb), depending on the chosen configuration. Additionally, the telescope can be quickly disassembled and transported in an included backpack.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Sevunscope offers pledges starting at €799 (about US$842), which includes a 6-inch optical module. If the campaign is successful, the telescope is expected to ship in December of next year.

The Sevunscope’s innovative swappable lens system provides amateur astronomers with the opportunity to upgrade their telescopes without having to invest in an entirely new device. This not only saves money but also allows users to explore different optical configurations and improve their stargazing experience. With its flexibility, portability, and future compatibility with various mount types, the Sevunscope is set to revolutionize the way telescopes are used and enjoyed.


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