June 13, 2024
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Why Performing Mundane Tasks in Video Games Can Be Fun and Entertaining

Household chores like vacuuming, moving, and unpacking are often seen as boring and exhausting in real life. However, in the world of video games, these tasks can be transformed into exciting and enjoyable experiences. Games such as “Untitled Goose Game” and “The Sims” have successfully turned mundane activities into entertainment and art.

There are several innovative Australian video games that allow players to engage in household tasks that are usually repetitive or unpleasant in reality. These games provide a unique and entertaining perspective on everyday chores. One such game is “Moving Out” and its sequel, “Moving Out 2,” where players take on the role of removalists with a time limit to move objects like fridges, beds, and sofas out of homes. Developed by Australian and Swedish studios, “Moving Out” also incorporates elements from the popular cooking game “Overcooked.”

In “Moving Out,” the act of removal becomes an athletic challenge. Floor plans and yards are transformed into obstacle courses, complete with animals, swimming pools, and even ghosts. Players are tasked with moving furniture in haunted houses and on space stations, adding an element of fantasy to what would otherwise be a dull task in real life. These games allow us to engage in activities that are socially unacceptable, such as breaking windows and throwing objects instead of using stairs. They provide a sense of freedom and the ability to embrace reckless behavior.

Another game that explores the concept of household tasks is “Unpacking,” which describes itself as a “zen puzzle game.” In this game, players learn about someone’s life from their youth to adulthood by sorting their possessions through a series of removals. The game creates a captivating narrative by allowing players to uncover the unseen occupant’s possessions, while their life story remains a mystery. The pixel art style of the game adds to the allure, making book covers and journal entries tantalizingly unreadable.

These games may not be the latest releases, but they reflect the growing popularity of everyday settings in video games. By turning mundane tasks into entertainment, these games encourage players to view everyday settings and work differently. They challenge the notion that the everyday is mundane and highlight the potential for surreal, extraordinary, surprising, and magical experiences in our daily lives. Players are transported to unexpected environments and given the opportunity to explore other people’s lives, offering a unique perspective on the world around us.

Furthermore, these games also challenge norms around gender, work, and domesticity. Women typically spend more time on unpaid work than men, so it is noteworthy that many of these games attract a significant female player base in Australia. By allowing players to choose avatars of different genders and species or control characters with both masculine and feminine traits, these games provide a space for players to challenge conventional gender roles and societal expectations.

In conclusion, video games that transform mundane tasks into exciting and entertaining experiences offer a fresh perspective on everyday life. They allow us to explore other people’s lives, challenge norms, and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. These games provide a sense of adventure, fantasy, and discovery, making household chores anything but boring.

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